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The Sleep Disorders Center of Key West is the only sleep center in the Lower Florida Keys
Sleep disorders diminish the daily quality of life for millions of people. Poor sleep also leads to serious health problems, especially heart disease, and an increased risk of car crashes.

Acknowledging recent clinical studies, the Center's medical director Dr. Carabin indicates that half of people with heart failure have Central Sleep Apnea or other breathing problems during sleep. The result is a dangerous reduction in blood oxygen levels, which speeds deterioration of heart function and makes treatment for heart failure ineffective. Until recently, treatments that worked for other forms of apnea were not effective for Central Sleep Apnea.

In many cases, sleep disorders are caused by a combination of factors. Our lab works to address sleep disorders from every angle, and provides patients with a thorough diagnosis, education about their disorder, treatment options and rehabilitation. 

Because sleep disorders often have more than one cause, treatment can be complex. Effective treatment begins with thorough identification of the underlying cause(s) of the sleep problem. We excel at finding the exact cause of the sleep disorder through a comprehensive evaluation. We talk to our patients and ask the right questions before we embark on a comprehensive sleep study (polysomnography).
A single overnight polysomnogram usually is adequate to exclude a diagnosis of obstructive sleep apnea. In patients with a strong clinical suspicion of sleep apnea and a negative polysomnogram, sleep and clinical parameters should be reevaluated and a repeat polysomnogram may be indicated.
Is the potable monitoring (take home test) a better choise that polysomongraphy?
Polysomnography (PSG), also known as a sleep study is the most commonly used test in the diagnosis of sleep related breathing disorders such as obstructive sleep apnea (OSA). Polysomnography includes monitoring oxygen saturation, heart rate, chest and abdominal respirations, airflow, eye movements, muscle activity, and sleep parameters (EEG, EOG, and submental EMG). this test remains the "gold standard" in diagnosing OSA.


Portable monitoring (PM) refers to the diagnostic evaluation of obstructive sleep apnea outside of a conventional sleep laboratory. During this study, fewer physiologic variables are measured and therefore less overall information is collected comapred to the traditional PSG study, and no technologist is present throughtout the night for direct monitoring. Most experts in the field agree that the results obtained from a PM should be confirmed by standard polysomnography.



Our facility is a comprehensive sleep diagnostic center built to give patients a familiar and comfortable environment while they are being tested with state-of-the art technology.


For the standard test the patient comes to our center in the early evening, and over the next 1-2 hours is introduced to the setting and "wired up" so that multiple channels of data can be recorded when he/she falls asleep. Our sleep technician is always in attendance and is responsible for attaching the electrodes to the patient and monitoring the patient for the entire duration of the study. The entire process is painless!


During the study, the technician observes sleep activity by looking at the video monitor and the computer screen that displays all the data second by second. When the test is completed in the morning the patient is discharged. The entire data are reviewed over the next several days and the final results are discussed by the doctor in detail with the patient. Depending on the diagnosis, treatment options are addressed.



ISleep Disorders Center of Key West is a proud member of the